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Christian Life & Discipleship

Caleb Brownhill: Nehemiah

“The best place for any of us to be is in the centre of what God has called us to do.” And God has a … Continued

By anaisvisser
on Oct 22, 2018

Christian Life & Discipleship

Can we Build it?

While leading an outreach team to the Kimberley region of Western Australia on the 4WD Discipleship Training School (DTS), we had the opportunity to build … Continued

By Chris Riley
on Mar 16, 2017

Christian Life & Discipleship

Shirley Brownhill: Identity and Destiny

Shirley shares about identity and destiny. She starts by describing what is our identity in Christ and how God calls us into intimacy with Him … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Jun 1, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Cliff Wiener: Worship

Cliff speaks about how our worship of God impacts the course of our lives. In Genesis, God showed favour to Abel’s sacrifice of worship and … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Jan 4, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Gi Ho Kwuan: Break Every Chain

Gi Ho Kwuan speaks about worship being God’s ultimate goal. He starts in Acts 16 with the story of Paul and Silas who, after having … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Dec 10, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

How You Got Your Bible and 3 Ways to Treat It like It Actually Matters

What if I told you that you are sitting on top of hidden treasure? That right there, within arm’s reach, you have full access to … Continued

By Luke
on Aug 19, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

God of the Impossible

I often try to walk through life believing that God is capable of the impossible. After all, that is what we read in the bible, … Continued

By Mary-Ann Flegg
on Jul 20, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

How We Started Homes of Hope

I was asked to take a trip from YWAM Perth all the way over to YWAM San Diego/Baja… Let’s back up a bit first. I’ll … Continued

By Aaron Little
on Jul 20, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

“Good News About Injustice” by Gary Haugen

The “Good News About Injustice”, written by the president of the International Justice Mission, Gary Haugen, is an encouraging, inspiring and compelling look at the … Continued

By Bri Moore
on Jul 13, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

Passion of God

This week Pete Brownhill is speaking in the SOFM on Pioneering. This morning he started by sharing on Jesus’ example of thankfulness in Matthew 14:13-21 … Continued

By Wm
on Mar 9, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

Breakthrough Beginning in Kolkata

Over the last two weeks many teams have entered Kolkata, India through Megacities. Over a year of preparation has led to our largest first wave … Continued

By Joanna Shone
on Jan 30, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

God Speaks!

This story was written by Micaela, a former School of Evangelism student. I saw a girl sitting by herself, so I explained that I was … Continued

By James Stevens
on Jan 2, 2015