The 2020 Innovative Hospitality Vision

The Innovative Hospitality Vision came from a big picture moment at the beginning of 2016, from a lead up of individual puzzle pieces coming together to … Continued

By Daniel Lim
on May 22, 2016


8 Things to know about YWAM in Perth, Australia

1 – You will be transformed This one is a disclaimer. If you don’t want to your life to change, if you don’t want to … Continued

By tessanoble
on Jan 28, 2016


Art ‘Evandalism’

What would your response be if someone vandalised your art? The article below reminds me of a story I heard recently, an illustration from Vishal … Continued

By Andrea L
on Jun 11, 2014


Socially Constructed Me

Recently I have been pondering one of the most deep and intimate questions we can ask, who am I? There is the idea that we … Continued

By Christel Knight
on Dec 19, 2013


Reclaiming the Bible from the Fringe of Society

An Interesting Series of Events On March 3, 2013 the mini-series The Bible first aired on A&E Network’s History channel. The first week viewing by … Continued

By Joshua
on Oct 7, 2013