25 Aussie Slang Words to Know Before Coming to Perth!

G’day mate! Thinking of coming to join us in Australia?  Here are 25 helpful Aussie slang words for you to know!   Arvo = afternoon … Continued

By rosekodie
on Jul 6, 2017


The 2020 Innovative Hospitality Vision

The Innovative Hospitality Vision came from a big picture moment at the beginning of 2016, from a lead up of individual puzzle pieces coming together to … Continued

By Daniel Lim
on May 22, 2016


8 Things to know about YWAM in Perth, Australia

1 – You will be transformed This one is a disclaimer. If you don’t want to your life to change, if you don’t want to … Continued

By tessanoble
on Jan 28, 2016


Art ‘Evandalism’

What would your response be if someone vandalised your art? The article below reminds me of a story I heard recently, an illustration from Vishal … Continued

By Andrea L
on Jun 11, 2014


Socially Constructed Me

Recently I have been pondering one of the most deep and intimate questions we can ask, who am I? There is the idea that we … Continued

By Christel Knight
on Dec 19, 2013


Reclaiming the Bible from the Fringe of Society

An Interesting Series of Events On March 3, 2013 the mini-series The Bible first aired on A&E Network’s History channel. The first week viewing by … Continued

By Joshua
on Oct 7, 2013