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25 Aussie Slang Words to Know Before Coming to Perth!

G’day mate! Thinking of coming to join us in Australia?  Here are 25 helpful Aussie slang words for you to know!   Arvo = afternoon … Continued

By rosekodie
on Jul 6, 2017


Old King David on Outreach

Sunny days were few and far between in the dead of winter in the far eastern country where we spent our first seven weeks of … Continued

By Meghan Dineen
on Jul 26, 2016


The 2020 Innovative Hospitality Vision

The Innovative Hospitality Vision came from a big picture moment at the beginning of 2016, from a lead up of individual puzzle pieces coming together to … Continued

By Daniel Lim
on May 22, 2016


Creativity Fostered by a Healthy Community

Creativity is often a misrepresented and misunderstood word. Read on to explore what it means to be creative and the connection between creativity and community. What is … Continued

By Daniel Lim
on May 17, 2016


700 for 30 – YWAM Perth’s Anniversary Celebration

For as long as I have been here Youth with a Mission Perth has always been a place of joy and celebration. This base hosts … Continued

By tanijegede
on Apr 25, 2016


30 Years of YWAM Perth

Youth With A Mission Perth spent one week to celebrate our 30th anniversary and reflect on the faithfulness of God. 700 members of our YWAM Perth … Continued

By Tirza Hartono
on Apr 16, 2016


Meaningful Activity: The Influence of Sports Among Indigenous Young People

Australia is regarded as one of the sportiest nations in the world. The people of this nation are sports crazy, packing out stadiums week in week … Continued

By Timmy Butler
on Mar 22, 2016


8 Things to know about YWAM in Perth, Australia

1 – You will be transformed This one is a disclaimer. If you don’t want to your life to change, if you don’t want to … Continued

By tessanoble
on Jan 28, 2016


Being Moved by the Greatest Story Ever Told

Not long ago, I watched a story. I enjoy stories, I like examining them, pulling them apart, being led around on a fun narrative journey. … Continued

By Ben M
on Dec 15, 2015


Art Paves the Way through Closed Country

A short time ago, I had the opportunity to travel to a closed country in Asia and witness incredible advances in the hearts and minds … Continued

By Meghan Dineen
on Sep 23, 2015


Luau – A Night to Remember

On Saturday the 31st of January, Island Breeze ministry from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Perth organized a Luau  as a fundraising event for a new building which would host 96 students … Continued

By Gabriella
on Jul 13, 2015


Finding Hope in Tragedy

Impact World Tour: an evangelistic campaign where Island Breeze, Team Extreme and GX international tour together through a region to Impact it for the glory of God in creative … Continued

By Michelle Hecker
on Jan 30, 2015