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Markus Steffen: The Word of God

The Word of God has the power to bring transformation. Isn’t that incredible? Not only does it teach us history and give us insight into who God is, but Jesus is the embodiment of the Word of God.

So, what does that mean for us? It means there is hope for change.

Markus takes us through well-known stories of Jesus and His disciples; pointing out that He chose the rough, unkempt fishermen like Peter and Andrew – ordinary men – and He walked them through transformation over a period of three years.

“He invested in them with a love intent.”

Transformation is possible, because of Jesus’ foundational love. Repeatedly, we see how they were living; learning in an experiential way that helped them grow. Jesus ‘did’ and then ‘taught’. He showed them something deeper; something He had that they did not. Something that was, in fact, not out of their grasp.

The power of choice for change is in our hearts. It is something to practice and strengthen. The more we choose to overcome, the stronger we get. Why do we need to go through this process of change? Maybe we ask ourselves, as Markus did, “Why on earth should I suffer?”

Well, do you want to be an overcomer?

Scripture References

1 & 2 Peter