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Caleb Brownhill: Nehemiah

“The best place for any of us to be is in the centre of what God has called us to do.”

And God has a vision for every single one of us.

In his teaching, Caleb takes us through the book of Nehemiah; showing us how to partner with God to see His vision through to the end. Looking closely at Nehemiah’s character, we see how it affects his ability to carry out the vision God entrusted him with.

“A godly vision connects people with the heart of God.”

One thing that secures that vision is good servant leadership. Nehemiah is an example of strong spiritual leadership in the midst of great challenge and adversary. How do we become people of great faith and action? With a combination of deep spirituality and practicality.

“What God wants to hopefully infuse our hearts with is the greatness of the work, the greatness of purpose and the vision that He’s given to every single person.”

When we communicate and relate with God personally, we find strength in Him; revealing the appropriate, decisive actions He calls us to take. Opposition can pull us away from God or make us stronger. When facing challenges, what’s your response in prayer?

(53 minutes)

Scripture References:

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