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Brad Tout: God’s Glory

What’s the result of knowing the fullness of God’s glory? Unquestionable acceptance. Knowing His glory gives us a readiness and belief that prepares us to move forward into action and transformation. It gives us joy, energy, and strength.

Brad takes us through the scriptures to help us unveil the meaning of God’s glory, starting with the question, “What is this glory?”

In the bible, we see God’s glory represented in His actions and ability, His presence and visible representation, and His manner and character.

“[And these] revelations of the glory of the Lord leads us into praise.”

This same glory is available to us, unlike any way it was in the Old Covenant times. We get to look at God face-to-face, unveiled in His glory.

“It’s a gift. This is not earned, it is given. His glory, in fact, dwells within us with transformational power.”

Brad explains that as we contemplate God’s glory in it’s entirety, we regain the character and image of God. It’s not glory of our own, but rather accordance with His glory. And like a Father, He praises and affirms us as we receive it; which is a power for transformation as well.

Scripture References:

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