While in a Village….

On the Young People Discipleship Training School (YPDTS), we love to love life on outreach. Outreach is full of adventure, crazy times of things going awesome, crazy times of schedule going crazy, food we’ve never tried before, people we’ve never met before, all ending with incredible experiences of God and people in the nations. We love it!!!

Will you go?

This past YPDTS we sent teams into Nepal, India, Malaysia and Mongolia. Every year we go to different places and locations, some following up and working alongside what’s already been started, some starting new works and all committed to continuing what God’s already doing in those locations. Here’s a testimony from Isabella (19 years old – Korean) from her outreach time in Nepal:

In Nepal, our team did our last open air (preaching in the gospel in a group setting) in a small village. We visited houses to invite people to the open air and about 70 people came. We started with the Nepali DTS team’s worship dance and I could feel God’s presence upon us. It was graceful, beautiful and full of joy.
I felt that people were definitely so interested about Jesus while we were doing skits, and sharing testimonies and gospel message.
After the skits we went up to the people and they wanted to know about Jesus more and it seemed so peaceful.
So I shared more about Him and I asked if they want to ask Jesus to be the Lord in their life. They said yes and wanted Him. And three people prayed to Jesus and got saved!
Jesus is attractive and people need to know about His love for them. It simply takes a reaching hand and a willing spirit.