When the Unexpected Becomes Reality

I completed my School of Frontier Media earlier this year and had the privilege of heading on outreach to Nepal to shoot two film projects. One of my favourite memories from this time occurred whilst filming in a traditional Hindu temple in east Nepal. One of my teammates and I traveled an hour on local transport before climbing hundreds of stairs to reach the local temple. We arrived quite exhausted only to be told that filming inside the temple was prohibited. Choosing not to be disheartened, we prayed before heading up to the entrance of the temple to gather whatever shots we could.

After befriending the temple Priest we were given permission to film around the temple, just not inside. As we were doing so, we were given further permission to shoot inside the temple as long as we didn’t physically enter the building. We recorded many great shots from the temple doorway as the Priest stopped people from entering in and out. This was a great blessing for us and the team, but still not the end of what God had in store.

As we were finishing up we, once again, began a conversation with the priest which led to us filming a short interview with him about his story. During this interview he mentioned that he didn’t feel peaceful. So my teammate took the opportunity to ask if he would like us to pray for him, specifically that he would experience the true peace that is found in Jesus. To our surprise, he accepted. We both had the privilege of praying for true peace to come upon him through the power of the Holy Spirit.

After we finished praying we were delighted to see the Priest with a smile beaming across his face. I was reminded that day that God loves every single person, that his plans are much better than ours and that the unexpected becomes reality as we journey with him!