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Transformation of Life Through DTS

“Let me provide some background information on myself. I’ll start by saying I am not someone who has enjoyed school. Allow me to clarify. I greatly enjoy the social aspect and interaction with people. I, however, have not been known to enjoy sitting for four hours while listening to someone speak about a subject. I can’t believe I’m saying this but…

I love the classes here!

I have never been so spiritually and intellectually challenged.

I have never been so spiritually and intellectually challenged. Both individually and collectively. Not only challenged to understand the topics and discussions but to actually apply them in my life. This application part is new to me. Up until now I’ve lived a life void of discipline where I am largely controlled by my thoughts or feelings for the present circumstance. Rarely do I choose to do the opposite of how I may feel, even if I am able to recognize to do the opposite would be for good. Maybe that’s a bit too strongly worded but in this area of my life; personal devotion and dedication to Christ, that sentiment is entirely true. All of DTS the hours spent in class and outside have been transforming. I want to share just one of many moments outside of class that really impacted me in a powerful way.

Once a week we have small groups where one or two leaders take a portion of the 22 students that are here. The small group that I am in is led by my leader, Jype. Our small group meets every week as a group and we have weekly one-on-one meetings with Jype.

After our small group meeting on Monday, three of us (Tim, Sam and I) went to McDonald’s to hang out. We got into a discussion which, for the sake of delicate personal matters, will remain private. What I can say is that the Holy Spirit was so visibly at work during our talk. All of our walls were knocked down and we were sharing our weaknesses, growing in unity and fellowship and affirming each other in our identity as men of God and children of The One Most High. The Holy Spirit was absolutely working as an advocate among us.

Afterwards the only natural response we could think of was to worship. We had just experienced an intimate encounter with the Love of The Father and we couldn’t respond in any other way than to give Him thanks and praise.

We went to a nearby field and God continued to show us who He is. He filled us with His satisfying presence and we just worshipped until the late hours of night. Singing, praying and rejoicing over who The Father is.

He’s not just some far off, distant, uncaring God, He is Abba Father, He is Emmanuel, God with us and He is near.

What I’m learning more and more is how personal God is. He’s not just some far off, distant, uncaring God. He is Abba Father, He is Emmanuel, God with us and He is near. While I may have been able to say these things before, what was once knowledge in my head is trickling down to my heart. I truly feel His near presence, God is revealing his Father Heart for me, and He is becoming my greatest need in life.”

Narrator: The testimony below was taken from the blog posts of my fellow YP team mates. I want to quote to you some very honest words Josh’s posted on his blog before he got to DTS.

He says, “It’s my prayer that in 6 months The Lord will have broken, molded, and changed me because when asked the question, “Is Jesus your everything,” my current answer would have to be, “No.” I can’t say with confidence that if I were to lose everything I hold dear, I would still choose to be joyful because I know Jesus is enough. So if you ask me in 6 months, “Is Jesus your everything,” I pray that my answer may be, “Yes.”

Now let me repost some of Josh’s latest words, “He (God) is revealing his Father Heart for me, and God is becoming my greatest need in life.” Josh came with the expectation and hope to be changed by God. God says in his word, if we seek him with all of our hearts we will find him. We can see the truth of these words in Josh’s testimony, but I can also testify as a fellow team mate I have seen this change in Josh myself. He is a man with a consuming passion for God. I look at the way He has consistently given up everything to put God first in his life and know without a doubt that He could answer the question, “Is Jesus your everything,” and answer in full confidence, “Yes.”

Praise be to God

Walking With God
Walking With God