Time Doesn’t Heal, God Does.


Two years ago with my church we had people who came and prophesied about us. They had a picture for me, it was a tree with some pieces of his bark missing. This tree was suffering and the gardener, who represents Jesus, came and put a balm to heal the tree. This picture touched me a lot in my emotions but I didn’t know what the pieces of bark represent, I thought that I didn’t have wounds from my past.

I thought that I didn’t have wounds from my past”


Time passed and I forgot this picture, but during the first weeks of my DTS (Discipleship Training School), God reminded me of this picture and He showed me what the pieces of bark represented and He helped me to get healed of that. It wasn’t easy, it hurt and it took a long time but God was with me and He guided me step by step in this process. That day I understood that every time I rejected myself, every time I said that I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough or other things I rejected God’s creation and it’s like if I said to God, “you did a bad job when you created me.” It was a revelation for me: God loves me how I am and I hurt Him when I say bad things about me.

During my whole DTS, God told me how big is His love for me and that He is proud of me. It really helped me to get closer to Him.


-Naomi did the October Sports DTS in 2013