What Does Three Months of Outreach Feel Like?

I’ll be very honest with you. If you somehow invented a time machine and got to chat with the NaRa that was still on  outreach in Nepal and Malaysia, she would probably tell you, “This is too hard. I just want to go home.”

every day I lived a life with a purpose

But if you ask me right now, I will tell you, “Wow, every day I lived life with a purpose. I got to tell strangers about Jesus and that was pretty legit.”

Asian kid

Outreach is hard but it’s worth it. Even three months after the outreach, when I think that I actually talked about Jesus in front of a small crowd and prayed for people, I am amazed. I still think “Did I really do that? That couldn’t have been me!”


NaRa did the October Sports DTS in 2013, and went to Nepal and Malaysia for her outreach.