Teaching HIV/AIDS Affected Girls in Hyderabad, India

 In Hyderabad the Birth Attendant School often works alongside an HIV/AIDS clinic called ‘Nireekshana’ – the Telegu word for Hope. Drs Lavanya and Sujai Suneetha began the clinic out of their own living room in response to the need they saw in their city. One day about 31 of us gathered in Dr Sujai’s little office. We had been invited by the Suneethas to teach on the female anatomy. It was squishy, and I was grateful for the swamp-cooler in the corner. We found that we had a group of 25 girls, ranging from  9 to 18 years. Most had been affected in various ways by HIV/AIDS. Amy, one of our team, began with Female Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology. The girls stared wide-eyed at the laminated picture of the female reproductive system that we held up for them to see.

After the teaching we chatted with the girls. Some of them confessed that at times they wished they were boys. We shared from Psalm 139, where it talks about how God sees us and cares for every aspect of our lives, and talked about value and identity in Him. As she finished, 10 girls decided to give their lives to the Lord! 

As we left, an older ‘Auntie’ who had been sitting in on the class came and thanked us for ‘educating and empowering our girls‘. I felt so humbled and privileged. This is what we came for—to share truth that enables these precious women and children to know God’s life in abundance.