This is it! We name it “YWAM Perth News”.

I studied Camera and lighting for 1 year at university level before doing a DTS. After DTS God spoke to me saying I should not go back to university. I am really glad that I didn’t go back.  I learnt how to zoom and how to grab the camera and three point lighting at uni. That was it. I didn’t know anything about making videos. I didn’t make any videos at uni, only photography. Was it a bad uni? No, my friends made a lot of good short films with the uni. Did I have heart for video? YES, I loved it. My problem was that I didn’t have the courage. I was scared of failing to make a perfect video. Almost the first video that I made was in School of Frontier Media(SFM) here, at YWAM Perth. Josh and I needed to write script for a video and direct each other’s scripts as part of the school. It was a futuristic story about a store that could buy emotion. When I shot Josh’s script, I could not understand about 80% of the script because I was still learning English at that time. It was interesting. After the School, I jumped into the video team at YWAM Perth.

The first video that I made in School of Frontier Media in Youth With A Mission Perth is here:

You see, I didn’t know what I was doing. The next video that I did was a fund-raising video for the base building. We were doing fund-raising through holding a mini olympic. And I was supposed to make a video for developing the ministry: to tell people that we were fundraising and ask them to donate. I used that little camera that we prayed over and got fixed (If you don’t know the story, you can click down below link after finish this) to get a lot of shots. At one point Alicia was saying something to the camera and I made a little video using this. This was little more of an achievement for me. oh yeah! You know that feeling?!

The mini olympic video.

After that video, I told myself “This is it. This is what I need to do. I will make this kind of video every week or two to show what is going on around the base and maybe I can name it ‘YWAM Perth News’.” I shared this with Beth who was working right next to me, (she knows how to make good videos) and is humble enough to let me make videos even though she knows better than I do about making videos. She encouraged me to go ahead with the idea. She became my first news anchor, my first script writer, my first producer and my first editor. So we made the first YWAM Perth News video in 2011. It is still running now.

The first Youth With A Mission Perth News Video

I didn’t know what to do or how to do it but God did. I believe God is looking for someone who is willing to serve and do whatever He says. That is the story of how YWAM Perth News began.

And here is the news video play list