A Renewed Mind

This testimony is from Chelsea, one of the students in our Foundations In Education school:

“I was born with a learning disability called dyslexia. this wasn’t discovered until I was 9 and a half years old.  My Mum encouraged me and would tell me that I could do anything I put my mind to.  But I thought my mind wasn’t good enough.  I knew that God had made me but I always found it hard to believe that he made me perfectly. During the Foundations In Education school God started to show me that dyslexia was a gift. God gave me dyslexia so that I would be able to teach more effectively especially teaching those that find it difficult to get the connections between abstract and concrete ideas.  Not only does dyslexia help me to create connections quicker it has also helped me to be more creative in my teaching, which helps to make learning fun and information to sink in quicker. I realized that all people have a purpose and no one was made wrong – we are all made to fulfill a purpose.”

Chelsea, Foundations In Education Graduate