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This Quarter…

We’ve already finished our fourth week from our October Sports Disciple Training School (DTS) and it’s sensational! I am proud to be part of the biggest Sports DTS ever here in Perth. We are people from over thirteen different nations who came together to seek God and grow in our relationship with Him.

The testimonies of how God brought us all here are so powerful and unique. It’s great to see how our lovely Father works in us as a group and also individually…

One gave up his career as professional bull rider in the U.S. and all the lifestyle that comes with it and decided to come here to grow in intimacy with God before he wants to start his own ministry as a full time missionary.
Another one gave up his status as tenured employee – meaning he could stay there in Germany, working for the German government until he was old and gray, but he decided to follow God’s call and to get prepared here in Perth – sold his car, rented out his flat and came.
Another one applied only four days before the school started, because God told him to do so.

I could fill this page with up with plenty of other stories.
I love it – every story is so unique and also shows a bit of Gods character and also his humor sometimes. This helps to be focused and keep on going.

Last week we broke up with all our sin we summed up before – we all repented and forgave stuff which separated us from God. Now we can start new and can let him build us and prepare us as He wants us. That’s a good feeling. Let’s keep on going.