Christian Life & Discipleship

Power of Our Testimony

Since the dawn of time, stories have been a powerful tool used by humanity to record history. The most powerful story, however, is the story of how Christ has redeemed an individual. Last week the Media, Art and Photography Discipleship Training School (MAP DTS) met in different leaders’ homes over a cup of tea to share our stories with one another. We shared stories of Christ’s presence in each of our lives and one thing remained constant – God’s faithfulness and loving perseverance for every one of us.

With each testimony told, the LORD’s goodness became more and more obvious.

Our night started with a hot cup of tea, cheese and crackers, and friendly banter. Having only known one another for a mere two weeks, we still had a lot to learn about the people sitting next to us. We dove into the night of listening to and sharing (some with tears) about the thing that mattered most: how we came to love the Redeemer of our souls. With each testimony told, the LORD’s goodness became more and more obvious. Some examples are, “I used to do drugs, but God pulled me out by having a friend invite me to church.” “I never felt my mom loved me, but I became surrounded by YWAMers who showed God’s love to me.”

Just as the booming voice announces to the world in Revelation 12: “[Christians] have conquered [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” There is power in sharing with others what the LORD has done to redeem us from our lives of darkness. When the person that we’re talking to feels like they’re alone – that they’re the only one who has experienced the chains that they suffer under – the most powerful message for them to hear is the message of a survivor. These people are not only survivors’ though – they have moved from a life of bondage and darkness to a life of glory and freedom. A million Bible verses can pass from one ear to another, but one testimony can radically change the heart.

So we all gathered together in a small living room and shared our stories. Every story gave us more reason to boast in God’s saving grace. Whether it was long or short, it became evident that our lives were completely and radically changed by the only One who can heal hearts and offer 100% recovery.