God Uses the Available

Written by Erin Ferguson – Compassion DTS 2013

As the old, rusty bus pulled up at the busy park, and we were lining up to get out, my nervousness was growing with every step I took. My team and I had been in Nepal for a few weeks, and we were getting used to doing open-air performances. We’d set up our sound system, and quickly a crowd would gather around us “foreigners”. We’d then perform some dramas and songs on the dusty ground, getting both dirty and sweaty at the same time, and we would share about God. We usually would end by praying for people, and often we’d see people get saved and healed.

By now we had done a fair few of these “open airs” so I was prepared for the huge crowd we would attract and the certainty that my voice would be amplified through the PA system. Even though I was prepared, it was still really daunting for me. Especially because I felt God had asked me to share a testimony that I was nervous about because it was a sensitive subject. It was about my relationship with my father and I thought it might sound disrespectful in a culture where elders have high honour in families. But I also knew the reason God was asking me to share this particular testimony was because He wanted to do something cool. I was also nervous because I wasn’t really sure – had I really heard God right?

My doubts proved wrong. After one of our dramas I got up, and there I was telling the crowd about God’s Father heart and how he healed me from pain caused by my relationship with my dad. I tried to emphasise the depth of Gods love as a Father. The crowd was silent, and listened intently as each sentence was translated into their own language.

The cool bit came when a man approached me afterwards with his son. He asked me to pray for healing for the boy to be rid of an illness he could die of as had happened to his brothers before. I could see the depth of love this man had for his son. I prayed for the little boy, and then I prayed over the dad. I also shared with the father that God loves this child more than he even does and that God is on their side.

I felt to encourage this man that Jesus can heal and that He sees and hears his cries and He is faithful to give good gifts. This helpless father was touched and he went away smiling. I don’t know if the boy was healed or not, however, it was no less special or God orchestrated. A seed was sown and Jesus will use that opportunity for that family to experience more of Him.

I never did stop being nervous when I prayed for strangers, but I learned to do it anyway. God will maximise whatever we give Him and make ourselves available for. I believe that is truth that can only come when we step out.