Art Missions

Old King David on Outreach

Sunny days were few and far between in the dead of winter in the far eastern country where we spent our first seven weeks of outreach as the Art Evangelists School 2015-2016. The particular Saturday pictured here revealed what a great opportunity it was to get out on the streets with the rest of the locals yearning for a bit of sunshine and nature, each moderately temperate day that presented itself. We took to drawing portraits, playing hopscotch, drew on the sidewalks with a water-brush as the elderly often do, did art with children, and as pictured here on the cover photo — we brought out a canvas; all this not only to enjoy the scenery and company of locals around, but to use it as a platform to share.

We thought it appropriate to present the story of King David as we set up our canvas in front of the old city wall of this former capital. We painted a timeline of an old emperor wishing to pass on the wisdom gained from his experiences as a youth. The timeline consisted of a young shepherd facing giants, going on to be persecuted by a mad king, confessing the error of his lustful ways, and eventually leaving a legacy to and through his descendants. As we painted the scenes, we would stop periodically and retell the stories to people gathered around. Once as I narrated how young DaWei (as his name would be in the local language) chose a few stones, and with the help of God defeated a great giant, a little boy’s eyes grew wide and he chuckled at the thought of himself being a great hero as well. I really love how there are sometimes simple but really creative ways God speaks to people through us; on this occasion it was great fun to share stories of truth and connect with people in the city using art!