Healthcare Missions

Nepal – Simple Burn Care Changes a Life

Its our third day holding clinics in the hot sun under the branches of two large trees in a Nepali village. We must have seen hundreds of people from the surrounding villages as the word spread that we were there.

Around noon a tractor slowly made its way up the rocky path and stopped right by our clinic. Slowly a man got off and, with the help of a staff and little boy, hobbled over to sit against the tree trunk. I approached him and right away I could see his foot covered with dirty torn wrappings. We removed the wrappings to get a better look at what we were working with. I was not prepared for the badly chard toes and infected foot due to oil burns that were in need of health care. I called Danielle over to assist me.

As we found a chair for Lok, we spent over 3 hours removing dead and infected skin and cleaning. We lathered his foot in silver cream and placed clean plastic around it. After we finished, we asked him to come back in two days so that we could redress it then.

Before sending him home I felt we were to share the gospel with him. Danielle shared and we gave him a bible. This was Lok’s first time hearing about Jesus. I asked if he would read the bible and pray to Jesus over the next two days because I wanted to share more with him when we saw him again. He happily agreed.

Two days passed and it was time for our follow up. We had told Lok to meet us at the church before the service, but he was nowhere to be found. Right before the service started he came in with his bible in hand and actively listened to the message. After the service I sat down with him and removed the wrapping. His foot looked so much better. The black and infected skin was gone, it was healing nicely, and his toes were movable. I asked if he read any of the bible we had given him and he said that he had been reading it and praying. He wanted Jesus to be Lord of his life. I lead him through the process of accepting Jesus. As Danielle re-bandaged his foot I brought the pastor over and connected them, the pastor took down his information is going to continue to meet with Lok.