His Name Was Tom

During the School of Worship outreach in July the team visited two closed south east Asian nations for 6 weeks. They saw 7 people saved and several miraculous healings!

Before the team left on outreach someone had gotten a word that a guy named Tom would get healed while they were in Southeast Asia. Daniel tells what happened next…

We went out one night to pray for people… As we sought the Lord for guidance we felt we should pray for someone with a hat on and pray for healing… as we continued searching we come across two guys out on a night stroll, we had a chat with them and as we were talking with them we asked if they had any pain in their body and they both said that they had lower back problems. So we prayed that God would heal their backs and He did. The boys said that the pain was gone. One guy had a hat on and we knew that those where the guys we had set out to pray for.

But guess what the guy’s name was? Tom!