Man Cannot Know What is Good Without God

Story written by Apakuki S.

Through the Community Development School (CDS) I have learned to pray for God’s perspective on my community. My ultimate role as a development worker is as an intercessor. The literal meaning of intercessor is “to stand in the gap on behalf of another”, to pray & work toward seeing God’s intentions fulfilled in the community. It is God’s intention that the community’s culture be reformed to reflect His goodness and glory.

The literal meaning of intercessor is “to stand in the gap on behalf of another”

Before I attempt to determine what I must do to achieve change in my community, I must first try to understand why things are the way they are. It’s essential to understand the people’s mindset because it shows what they value and how they behave. This will lead to the root problems in their culture which need to be dealt with in order to have lasting changes. The people themselves should recognize that something is wrong and there is a need for appropriate change.

As I model Jesus through my life, there will be a level of trust, respect and honour developed between me and the community. So, the Kingdom of God is being established by how we live our lives. As I express the love of God in loving the people, now I can get them to be involved in what God wants for them. This process I learned in the CDS is an important tool when empowering people in my community. In trying to formulate or trying to set up a project with them, it’s very important to involve them, teach them to identify their resources and be good stewards of what God has blessed them with. I need to know that God has called me to that location and He wants change in people’s lives and also how they see the natural world around them.