Celebration Music

Luau – A Night to Remember

On Saturday the 31st of January, Island Breeze ministry from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Perth organized a Luau  as a fundraising event for a new building which would host 96 students and staff. Three hundred people responded to the invitation, students and staff from the schools, neighbours as well as YWAM friends.

As we entered the premise, palm tree leaves, flowers and candles, as well as Pacific Island music welcomed us. Many of us had the opportunity to buy a frangipani flower necklace and there were photo booth to take pictures with the dancers from Island Breeze ministry. As we continued our walk into the premise, we were ushered to the dinner hall to our respective table which was decorated with flowers and leaves. On each table, there were many delicious food served such as roasted meat and potatoes salad.

Beside the food served on the table, there was a large dinner buffet waiting for us. On the buffet line there were a variety of Pacific food, rice, sweet potatoes and fish. We were so well fed that we barely made it to desert. The entire night, we were served by several school staff and ministry members. We had a very nice time of fellowship with good food and each other’s presence.

After dinner, we were requested to go ahead to the auditorium hall to watch the Island Breeze performance! They performed songs and dances from Hawaii, Samoan Island, New Zealand and Fiji. The room was filled with lots of cheers, excitement and joy. 

Knowing that God was the center of it all, it made the performance even more enjoyable.

The dancers were dressed in South Pacific Island’s outfit which were vibrant in colour, their expression were bursting with energy and everyone in the auditorium felt it. Some Polynesians and Melanesians people from the audience went on stage to join and dance with them. It was a time of celebration that we enjoyed as a big family.

We, the Performing Arts students were completely captivated and inspired by the performance. Four of our school staff work with the Island Breeze ministry: Aleni Rivers (Performing Arts DTS school leader), Seth Brooks, Tiffany Fialkowski and Kate Ashton. It was inspiring to see how God is for all nations, we can actually praise Him in our own mother tongue and honour Him with the gifts He has placed in our culture.


Art is a powerful way to communicate and express ourselves. Dances and songs have the ability to touch and reach people from different cultures and languages. Pretty sure most of us have experience it before, such as listening to a song and be moved without even understanding (all of) the lyrics.

Gospel and art go hand in hand, as God is the first Artist of all.

Here are some of the Performing Arts DTS student’s feedback from the Luau:

“Fantastic! It is my second Luau but this one was definitely the best one” Elliot, USA

“It was absolutely incredible! It was obvious that everybody put a lot of hours and hard work into this, it was definitely worth it, i loved it ” Jennah, USA

“I’m hoping God tells me to join, I am just waiting for it !” Kezia, Samoa

“It was so amazing, they all are talented people. We just want to see it again and again and again!” Naomi, Kenya

The Island breeze performance was all about power, joy, family and beauty. Every student can testify that the hard work was evident and the result was gorgeous.