Media Missions

Looking back at Equip2Go

This year, the School of Frontier Media (SFM) enjoyed soaking in the wealth of knowledge that speakers have brought to us from all over the world. Recently the founders of Create International, Calvin and Carol Conkey, hosted an Equip2Go seminar. This seminar focuses on exposing people to the multitude of ways that the gospel can be shared with unreached people groups. It also gives practical tools and approaches for sharing the gospel on outreach, including using tools such as video, audio recordings in the local language, and other media tools created for the culture of the people who will be ministered to on outreach.

A main point talked on in the seminar was the idea of contextualisation. Contextualisation is the practice of portraying the Kingdom of God in a way that can be understood by people in the context of their own culture. An example of contextualisation would be if you were to try and describe communion to a tribe in Asia that does not have bread and wine as taples, but does have rice and tea–you could substitute one for the other to help them understand the intended meaning of the scripture. This stays faithful to scripture while wording it in a way that makes it applicable to the people of that culture.

God has left His fingerprints in every culture pointing them towards Him. When we find these fingerprints or symbols we have a tool to share the gospel.