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Life From Different Angles

This reflection comes from Alana who completed her Transformation School in March 2013 and went on to staff the April Discipleship Training School

A Humanist, a Sheik and a Postmodernist walk into a classroom…

During the lecture phase week on Comparative Worldviews we visited the Perth sheik at a mosque, talk to the president of the Humanist Society of Western Australia, visited a post-modern art gallery, got to experience a St. Marys Catholic service and did evangelism in the city. It was a great week of hearing alternative ideas about life and truth directly from leaders in those areas. All through the week God was showing me how His ways make sense.

In many instances during our field trips this week it was sad to clearly see the lack of meaning and value people have because they lack a truthful understanding of God. Yet it was so encouraging to be able to hear their ideas and realise that I can use logic and critical thinking to find truth – and that Jesus is it!