Christian Life & Discipleship

Life Change

Written by July quarter student, Chanc Leal:

“I’m already a Christian, I don’t need a Discipleship Training School.”

That’s probably a common thought for some of us browsing the YWAM websites. I heard of YWAM through a few friends who were missionaries or had done missionary work. I felt a desire to grow and get closer to God. I served my country (USA) for a term in the US Navy after my high school graduation. I then became a commercial diver after my discharge and the money was sufficient! I knew in my heart I wanted to just serve God and find my part in the Great Commission, but I knew things were lacking. I prayed about coming to Perth because I had a desire for Australia. I am currently going on week 10 here of my DTS and all I have to say is that lecture phase has been so life-changing, I had no idea it would be this way. I have had issues from my past with family problems and just so much hurt in life. God is revealing Himself through His Word, the Bible, and the evidence is too obvious to pass up. I am being “transformed” into a strong, patient, yet bold person! My outreach phase is coming up soon and we will be doing some amazing things in Tasmania, Vanuatu, and Samoa! I would not change a thing up to this moment! Stay tuned for outreach stories and photos!