Knowing Him

How can I “Know” God? Imagine the last conversation you had with someone where you talked about a friend that you have. During that conversation you would explain things like what they like, what they have done, an adventure you have had with them, etc.

Now let me ask you a few questions.

What does God like? What has God done? What is an adventure that He has led you on? If you were able to easily answer those questions, then you must know a little something about the Creator of the universe. How does that make you feel? If you feel a little overwhelmed about knowing an omnipresent, omnipotent God… then focus on Jesus Christ, who was sent so that we can understand and know Him in an intentionally personal way.

Every person has characteristics and a certain way they act, respond, and think. We are created in the image of God, which means He has personality traits as well. His ways are not like human ways (Isaiah 55:8), because people will always fail us, but God never does. So even though we are made in His image, as long as sin is present in the world the way He conducts Himself is going to be very different than any relationship we have outside of the one we have with Him. Knowing Him means personally being in a relationship with Him. Being in a relationship with God takes time, dedication, perseverance, and a desire.

His love is greater than life itself, and you will be able to experience glimpses of it throughout your walk with Him.

He desires us to know Him and be in a relationship with Him. If you are pursuing God and what He has for you for the first time, my best advice would be to wipe away any expectation of “the perfect love” that you have had previously. His love is greater than life itself, and you will be able to experience glimpses of it throughout your walk with Him. If you have ever had a relationship that did not end well, then I would like to apologize and reassure you that a life dedicated to knowing God has no end and is so fulfilling.

There is a difference between knowing OF God and knowing Him, which happens when your walk with Him is not just understanding in your head of what to do (Jeremiah 9:24), but having knowledge in your heart (Jeremiah 31:33). Knowing God might be hard if you try to make up a relationship based solely on things that He has done for other people and not yourself. If you knew someone, you would not only talk about what they did in the lives of others, but in your own life. You may be struggling with “always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth” (2 Timothy 3:7). The knowledge of truth that you should come to is that Jesus Christ died for you, and it was planned so that you can live without separation from God.

In my life, I needed to grasp that God wants to work through me to do things that I would think would be extremely impossible if I didn’t let Him take the lead. Part of knowing Him is realizing how much He knows about you (1 Corinthians 8:3), He knows your fears, passions, weaknesses, but most of all… what He wants to accomplish with your help! Try not to underestimate how much love He has for you! If you do not already have a relationship with God that you are ready to share with others, then be honest with Him and tell Him how you are feeling. Ask God for a personal understanding of what Christ did and how you can know more about Him through that. I want to challenge you to speak to someone about what He has done for you in your life, because by recognizing that, you are taking the steps towards knowing Him personally.