Christian Life & Discipleship

How Knowing Jesus All Became Real

This story is written by one of our former students about how they came to personally experience God through DTS.

On DTS, knowledge I have had a long time in my head, sunk very powerfully into my heart. Truths that ‘God is good’ and that ‘He is Love’ are so easy to say, but seemingly so hard to feel. On DTS God revealed Himself to me so frequently, so powerfully and in such a real way.  As a result of this, all the silly things my head used to understand but not feel, have become things  that I can know in a way so deep it is beyond words. 

On DTS, knowledge I have had a long time in my head, sunk very powerfully into my heart.

One picture comes to mind every time I look back on that 6 months of life change. We went camping one weekend, to the middle of the Australian bush, and next to a trickling river, we lay under the stars. I cannot describe their sheer beauty! There were so many that individual stars could not be picked out! The whole  sky was awash with piercing light and despite the darkness we all lay stunned and speechless. And that is who God became to me over DTS. Back home, He was the star that I sometimes saw, hidden behind clouds of distraction and worldliness, and only sometimes did I allow Him to shine on me. But I came to a place where distractions were stripped away, and I lay, for 6 months, stunned and speechless under the pure overwhelming beauty of God’s raw presence. It has given me the strength to go anywhere in life and to walk in the truth that He is always there for me.