Kimberley Spirit: Reshaping Our Filmmaking

Letting go of control is a scary place to be, especially when making a film. But God called us to give Him the reigns on our latest project ‘Kimberley Spirit’.

Cygnet Films and a crew compiling of members of Create International and the Film Production School headed up to the Kimberley – the beautiful northern region of Western Australia – to kick off 2018. The vision was to create a short film with the Indigenous communities there, particularly one by the name of Looma. We had a formulated schedule, but God had other plans.

We were three or so weeks into our two-month outreach, and we hadn’t filmed a single shot yet. This seemed silly from a regular filmmaking perspective. Outwardly, it didn’t look like we were maximising our time. We were still scrambling about trying to find all the locations, props and actors we needed, whilst following God’s promptings to pray, worship or make friends where He called us to. It was an adventure each day, as we inquired of God in the mornings and began throwing our original schedule out the window.

By this time we had already run a few auditions for our main character, twelve-year-old troubled kid Kit, but no one felt quite right yet. Time was ticking by this point and we felt the pressure to start filming, afraid there wouldn’t be enough space to finish. Again, we went back to God asking for His input. He spoke to us out of the story in 1 Samuel 16, and told us ‘You haven’t found your David yet.’ Learning to place our trust in God, we took this word and continued, realising God was showing how He wants us to go about filmmaking from now on: dependant on Him.

Very soon after, our leaders felt like God spoke to simply drop all production work for that day. Not to go looking for actors, not to plan, not even to think about it, but to fully place the whole project into God’s hands. It took trust and humility to let go of our creative ‘baby’ and acknowledge that God had it under His perfect control. We then spent the day reading the Bible and praying for the continued transforming work of God’s hand in the Kimberley, the film out of our control.

And that’s when the breakthrough came.

It was the next day when we went out to the community, fresh from our lesson in giving up control, that we ticked off many production boxes. We found many of our locations and found props we needed literally beside the road. And it was through the relationships that we had built over the first few weeks of obeying God, that we were led to find our main actor that very day. We ran his audition that night and knew we had found our ‘David’.

But God was not done teaching us about letting go of control. Our actor was leaving the community in five days, meaning if this indeed was God’s will, the film we had planned to complete in weeks would need to be shot in those five days – an impossible task for us.

But not for God.


Lane Broome, who plays Kit in ‘Kimberley Spirit’, with director Josh Lohmeyer on set.

If you want to hear more of the story, follow the video playlist below, to our YouTube channel where we documented our whole adventure behind the scenes.