The Joy of Branching out in Media

Savannah was a student on the School of Frontier Media in 2015. Here, she shares about her experiences being trained to use skills in media to serve God in the nations.

Another School of Frontier Media (SFM) lecture phase has come to a close and so many amazing things have happened and are still to come as we look forward to outreach. I have really enjoyed doing this school as it has catered to some of my passions and hobbies and has brought clarity into aspects of media that I have looked at and thought, “How do they do that?” I have so enjoyed learning new things and from that I have wanted to go farther and farther and experiment and poke every nook and crevasse.

When I first arrived I had no idea that my DSLR camera had a record button on it. Now, I have put my hands to graphic design, I have written dramatic scripts and documentary scripts, I have filmed three different short films and so much more than that. The lecture phase has given me such a fantastic foundation for different aspects of media. I look forward to the time when I can share what I have learned about here, not just the practical things but also everything that God has showed me about His character and His plans. God is so good and faithful in all ways and I have finally come to the revelation of this.

So now comes Outreach where we use everything we’ve learned and we get to see God work miracles and see the different ways that He provides. There is a fantastic adventure waiting for us and every one of us is waiting to see what God does.