Jesus Changes Lives Through Evangelism

If DTS(Discipleship Training School) has done one thing, it is to get me out
of my comfort zone! 

If DTS has done one thing, it is to get me out
of my comfort zone!

I have done so many things I never thought I would do. Many have been challenging, but in a really positive way.

Every Friday all the DTS schools meet within the city of Perth for Evangalism night. We have about a half an hour of worship, right in the city square, and then we break off into pairs of two or three and just go and talk to people about Jesus and whatever He leads us to say.

I’ve never done evangalism before but it has been such a good experience— I love it. I know that there are people everywhere that need Jesus, but for most of my life I’ve failed to actively do something about that because I felt ill qualfied or in-experienced, but sharing Jesus is really…so simple. What do people need? They need to know JESUS. Well guess what I know Jesus. Bingo! I know what I have to do, I have to go and tell them about Jesus. There are so many ways to bring Jesus to someone. It may be an action, a conversation, a dance, a song, or a preaching. Whatever I do I simply have to reflect Jesus. I sometimes want to use the excuse that I don’t know Jesus very well, well there are two things I need to do: Share what I already know about him, and keep getting to know him better. You see, Jesus is so incredible that even one glimpse of him will change a life forever. It’s simple, so simple; bring Jesus to people. I really had to get over myself and realize it’s not about how I appear to someone, because it’s not about me, it’s about Jesus. I’m not going to show me, but to show Jesus. Jesus is the one who transforms lives, not me.

After evangalism it’s always awesome to hear report back stories from students, and to have some of your own! Just last week as we were worshipping, and God told me to go and talk to a little girl that was watchingus nearby. She look super interested, but I thought to myself, “She is a little girl, shouldn’t I be talking to an adult?” But thankfully I went and talked to her, and told her about the songs we were singing. I told her that they were worship songs, and explained what that meant. I was blown away by this little girls faith. She had one of the biggest softest hearts for God I had ever seen. There was very little need for “breaking the ice” so to speak. I simply told her about Jesus and what He had done for her for her on the cross. Even though she told me she was Catholic, she professed she believed without question. She was so excited about it all that she was willing to bring me to her parents who were sitting just across the way. What happened next was incredilbe, because of that little girl I also got to share Jesus with for the next 45 minutes or so! She was incredibly open and eager to hear about Jesus. At one point of the conversation the little girl said, “Mom, I want to be like those missionaries someday.” At the end of the conversation the Mom said, “If what you have can bring as much passion and joy to my life as it’s has brought into your life, I want it too.”

What did I have that was different than what she had? I have Jesus, and I got to tell her that. Because I actually got over myself and went and spoke with her and shared what I knew of Jesus, to be like Jesus in the ways that I knew how, she got to see that there was something different in my life.

She got to see Jesus. What was her response? It was… “I want that too. “

What was that little girls response after seeing over 40 young people worshiping God? “I want to be like them; to do that one day too.” I got to tell both of them how to receive Jesus. I don’t know where that mom and her little girl are right now, but I do know everyday now they both have the opportunity to receive Jesus into their lives. To receive Jesus the author, perfecter and giver of life.

All I did was talk about what I knew of Jesus and what He had done in my life. Did I tell them every single thing about Jesus, or explain it in a super intelligent way, no! Here’s the thing, I am going to spend eternity getting to know Jesus. If I waited till eternity, well it would be late wouldn’t it? I want to tell people about Jesus now, so they can also spend eternity getting to know him.  Jesus has told me, and all of us to go into the world and be his witnesses.

Isaiah 43:8,10  8″Lead out those who have eyes but are blind, who have ears but are deaf.  10 You are witnesses,” declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He.”

It’s simple…bring Jesus to people that don’t know him. I may not know so much, but I know Jesus which is much more than they know.  Bring Jesus, He’ll bring the change.