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How Inspiring a Small Village Encouraged My Life

* Note:  This story was written by a former student & staff member, Nika, who was part of teaching in three BELT  (Biblical Education & Leadership Training) Seminars in the nation of Nepal.

Our team had just completed a very steep and challenging 2 hour hike from our previous two week BELT seminar and arrived at a new village.  Literally upon walking into the village, we learned we were expected to be at church the very next morning.  Despite my persistent tiredness, I volunteered to preach. I knew my teaching had to be good, because it was kind of a teaser for the seminar we were about to begin teaching at that church over the next five days.

That evening it became evident I was much too tired to prepare anything, so I made a quick decision to simply go to bed. The next morning I went up to the roof where we were staying at and there I prayed and prayed for a fresh idea, something I could bring to this church that would inspire them.  As I prayed, what came to my mind, over and over, was how awesome God was.  I quickly located the notes from the BELT teaching on God’s nature and wrote down everything that came to mind as I read it.  I went into the church service with only enough prepared material to preach for 15 minutes.  However, when I got up there, I felt incredibly confident.  As I began to speak, the words just flowed from my mouth.   New ideas flew into my mind as I spoke.  I opened up about my personal experience with God’s nature, His greatness,  and what it meant to me that God is eternal and that we have eternal life.  Remembering my mother who had recently passed away, I shared with confidence that we don’t need to be afraid when believers die.   A topic that I thought would be so simple, literally came alive as I shared.

The church seemed to resound with life as I sensed God speaking through my words.  The people responded with loud shouts of ‘Amen’ throughout my teaching.   When I finished, I sat down and was greatly encouraged by the church’s response.  I experienced God’s presence and grace that morning.   I reflected on how physically weak and tired I felt the night before when I thought I had very little to offer, yet, God was still able to use me to encourage the church.  The strong ending to a weary travel between seminars became a strong start to a week of powerful teaching.