Christian Life & Discipleship

How God Gave Me His Heart for Intercession

This is a story from Peter Muir, a student who did the Medical DTS with us in July 2016.


During the week on Intercession & Worship of my Discipleship Training School (DTS), God personally taught me His heart for prayer for the nations. One day that week, we gathered around a map laid out across the floor of the auditorium and had a time of worship and intercession for the nations.

At this point I still didn’t understand how intercession worked.

As I prayed, a feeling of grief came over me. The same feeling as if someone I loved had passed away.

During worship, I was praying and asking God to show me what intercession meant. As I prayed, a feeling of grief came over me. The same feeling as if someone I loved had passed away. My heart began to ache and tears started to stream down my face. I really felt that God was sharing with me the grief He has for the nations. I felt all the hurt that is going on towards His people and how He feels when we are torn away from Him. As people started to walk onto the map and pray for the nations, God gave me an image. I saw the earth shrouded in darkness, yet there were beams of light swirling around it. The beams began to move and touch different spots on the globe, lighting up those nations. God was showing me what intercession is.

There is darkness all throughout the world and we can’t always be physically there to help. As God led all of us to intercede for the nations, I began to understand that our prayers were shining a light into the darkest corners of the world. God was showing me that when we pray for the things that are on His heart, He will direct those prayers to the exact places they need to go.

As soon as the vision stopped, my heart began to fill with joy. I knew God was pleased that we were doing His will and coming together as one. We were from all different backgrounds, but praying as one body. In that joy, God led me to pray for China. This was a country I never really thought about before. As I began praying, He revealed to me the specific areas of need of that nation, and brought to my attention all the underground churches that are hidden in persecution.

This was such an eye opening experience for me and a true testimony of God’s faithfulness. Even if we don’t understand something, if we ask God He will show us and teach us.