A Hidden Believer

Article written by Anne from Holland, former student on the Foundations for Counselling Ministry

One afternoon I went to the hospital together with three of the other girls and a translator. We talked to some of the patients, heard their stories and prayed for them. Many of them were open for the gospel and hungry for ‘truth’. When we were walking in the hallway I saw a lady sitting on a hospital bed together with her son. She caught my attention and I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to talk to her. I started a conversation with her and soon she was telling us that she was a Christian as well. That confused me because she had a Hindu dot on her forehead. She explained that she comes from a Hindu family, but gave her heart to the Lord a couple of months ago. It happened when her son was very sick and was healed when a Christian prayed for him. She told us that she can’t be open about being a Christian because then her husband might leave her. I cannot believe how incredibly hard that situation must be. We were able to pray for her and encourage her, as well as meet up with her again. It was very obvious that God put her on our path.