Out of My Heart, My Mouth Speaks!

Jenni Collings, SOCA student, 2014:

So what does learning about communication have anything to do with missions and God? Well, our communication has everything to do with God and advancing his kingdom! This week we learned about the foundations of communication and about God as our perfect model of communication. God’s speech is so powerful that his words create mountains, his writing is alive, and love is the foundation of all of his actions. Who wouldn’t want to learn from this model? We are called and created to reflect God in all that we do, including how we communicate with ourselves and others. Communication is how we build relationship. We can chose to either use our communication for good and to reflect the character of God, or we have the freedom to use our communication for bad and can hurt people along the way.

our communication has everything to do with God and advancing his kingdom!

This week I was challenged in thinking about how my communication reflects the character of God? Do I fear the Lord in the way that I talk to others? Am I a complainer? Do I judge and accuse? Do I feed off of gossip? How often do I exaggerate the truth? These are just a few ways that I felt challenged to look at in my life, in the way that I am communicating with others. These are the foundations to not only my communication skills, but reflect what my relationship with God looks like. I had to look into my heart and deal with some of these issues before I could move on in being an effective communicator for Christ. Woah, God cares about a lot more than if I turn up for church on Sunday, he wants to transform every part of my life, including my communication.