Health Care Teaching Spreads in Mozambique

As a small team went out to teach a community in Mozambique, their teaching spread rapidly:

Eating Moringa for Good Health was a topic that participants got very excited about. Moringa is full of essential Vitamins and Minerals. This tree grows all over the island, but as no one knows it’s nutritional value they have been using it for posts in their fields and building latrines. We taught them the benefits and they learned how to dry and powder the leaves for use in porridge and other food. Participants caught on right away as eating greens and drying and grinding foods is a part of their culture.

After hearing the teaching on Moringa, one participant said: “This tree is a miracle from God! He has provided for our needs here and we have been using it for our latrines! This is something that we must now use to help make our families stronger.”

People got really excited about the Moringa tree, and began sharing with their neighbours. One day when we went out to teach in the community, one group found a few families preparing Moringa for their evening meal—the word had spread and people were implementing the teachings!