Healing Powers of Jesus in a Nepali Village

While out teaching in a community in Nepal, we visited a very poor area where the people were living without running water, without electricity, in small mud and straw houses with one room for an entire family, and with animals running freely about. As I walked through the community, I observed almost every child had a cough and a runny nose and most were quite dirty with tattered clothes.

I kept thinking, “How would Jesus reach out to these people, how would He love them?”

We started teaching one family and then more started to gather to watch so we decided to do a drama and share about Jesus. Afterwards one young mother called me over to her and started telling me about her two year old daughter who was sick with a cold and an ear infection. We taught the mother some things she could do and prayed for healing for her daughter. A few days later we returned to check on the girl and the mother shared that since we prayed, her daughter has had no more pain in the ear. So we taught the mother how to clean the ear and then prayed again for healing. We got a report from the mother a few days later that the ear was completely healed, no more pain, no more fluid draining from the ear!! This is the healing power of Jesus love!