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“God Was Like a Band”

A personal story from this year’s Wintercamp by Emily from Western Australia (17 years old).

Personally at Wintercamp this year a lot happened. I met fantastic new people and learned fantastic new things.

I think before Wintercamp, God was like a band where I knew people that were his fans and I also knew people who were His haters, and I was always afraid to talk to people or admit that I really liked His ‘music’ I guess.

It’s truly been an unforgettable experience.

When I ‘rocked’ up to Wintercamp this year it was like being at a concert, full of fans and people that loved the band. It was overwhelming and joyful! After hearing talks of being ‘anchored’ (in God) and seeing the things that happened at camp I felt so much more proud of ‘my band’ and have been more confident to talk about God and bring up my opinion about Him. It’s truly been an unforgettable experience.