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God of the Impossible

I often try to walk through life believing that God is capable of the impossible. After all, that is what we read in the bible, and it is what we hear from others when they want to encourage us, and have no other advice to give, right? But what about when everything really does look impossible? I remember on my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in April 2014, being in my last week of lecture phase, trusting God for over $3000 AUD for my outreach fees. I remember wavering between, God can and how can He? I remember emailing, texting, talking, to every contact that I thought God had asked me to talk to, about the possibility of supporting my two girls and I to go into the nations. And I remember getting no response from many and a lot of, ‘Sorry we can’t this time’.

I am not going to lie, I was discouraged! I had no idea where the money was going to come from, but then I remembered that God had promised to get me to my DTS. He had promised He would walk ahead of me. He promised He was sending me and my family to the nations. I had to choose at that point… Is God good? Is He the God that says, “For man this is impossible but for God, nothing is impossible.” And if He is both these things, then I had to choose to trust. Yes, I said it, TRUST! You see when we are faced with the impossibles, the only thing left to do is surrender the right to be in control, and make room for God to prove that He is all that He says he is.

I remember the Friday before I was supposed to go on outreach. I remember my classmates gathered around me, fighting with me, for the last $3000+ finances to come through. And I remember seeing all of it come through, but more importantly, I remember seeing more than half of it come in from a source or multiple sources, and still to this day, having no idea where the money came from. God is good! And He is more than capable of doing the impossible… will you trust Him today will you trust Him today with your impossibles? I guarantee He won’t let you down!