God Heals

Corrie, a previous IPHC student –

In Ilam, Nepal, a girl around 11 years old came to one of the clinics we held. She was in a lot of pain and had a big wound below one of her wrist where pus came out of. She did not want anyone to touch it because the pain was so severe.  She had been working with her Mom in the fields to cut bamboo when a piece had gone through her arm.  Our team was able to treat her wound with antibiotic cream, give her oral antibiotics for the bad infection and pray for Jesus to heal her!

After several days the Lord told some of us to go to this family as we wanted to share the gospel and see how the girl was. When we arrived their family was full of joy.  Before the girl had come to our clinic, the week before she had undergone three operations on her wrist to get the piece of bamboo out.  The family shared with us that after receiving our care, medicine, and prayers, the piece of bamboo had come out by itself and the wound was now nicely healed! Talking to them more about Jesus, the Mother and daughter wanted to give their lives to Jesus straight away but the father wanted to talk to the rest of the family first. I believe that soon this whole family will come to give their lives to Jesus. Praise The Lord – for He is so good!