Christian Life & Discipleship

Getting Rid of the Grave Clothes

I came into this school having only been a Christian for a short time but I had this deep desire and hunger to know God more. The Humility and Hunger Discipleship Training School (DTS) sounded like exactly the kind of school I wanted to be apart of. Before DTS someone had prayed for me, declaring that I will be going to a place where the grave clothes would be taken off me (John 11:44). It was surprising because I thought I had it all figured out. I knew God intimately and always heard His voice but God is always faithful to His words. I definitely needed some grave clothes to be removed from my life, even though I didn’t think I did.

Every week during the lecture phase of the school there were moments when God would highlight areas in my life, areas where I was holding back or keeping things from Him. Topics like ‘The Fear of The Lord’ and ‘Lordship’, which I had never been taught before, became so fundamental to this change in me. What was amazing, was that these were “heavy” topics but they were truly walked out by those teaching on them and also those leading the school. They displayed daily that these things can be lived out, that it’s not just some unattainable lifestyle. It challenged me to not be satisfied or compromise on the life I know God has called all of us to.

If you come with humility, being open with others, If you come with hunger, to know God more and make Him known, where you admit your absolute need and dependence on God in everything, then this will be a time where God will do amazing things in your life and in those around you. Humility and hunger are fundamental in our Christian walk and because I attended this school, I was able to learn more about these characteristics and also learn how to walk in them every day, and I’m still learning! I am thankful to God and my leaders for the journey He took me on in the school and excited for what He is going to do in the future in me and through me as I walk in humility and hunger.

Ryan Abbott, South Africa, Humility and Hunger DTS Student 2015.