Getting God’s Heart for Healthcare

As a student on the IPHC, I knew coming into this school that we would be getting equipped with more skills in health care. I knew the schedule would be packed. Class intersecting with work duties, paired with worship and intercession, mingled with new classmates and a new city, combined with evangelism, and overflowing with everything else that encompasses life at YWAM Perth. I knew that God would be teaching me both in and out of the classroom, and I had a few ideas of what that might look like. And I knew that He was going to give me more of His heart for healthcare in the nations. What I didn’t know is that what I thought was going to be a stream from a drinking fountain would turn out to be trying to sip from a fire hose.

As we look at different systems in the body and different illnesses and diseases that can affect them, it’s important to have the right perspective. Not only marveling at what God has created, or holding onto Jesus as hope that anchors us in the face of them, but seeing every single person that we get to serve as Jesus would see them. We are more than just healthcare workers. We get to be bearers of hope, ones who go near to the poor and needy, representatives of the King of Kings who get to see with His eyes and provide care with His hands. We get to open our mouths and proclaim life. truth and light where darkness has veiled eyes, because darkness is as light to Him. It’s about more than just healthcare. It’s about seeing people restored holistically, empowering communities, coming to life in Christ. It’s about seeing people, really seeing them. It’s about a reshaping of worldview – how did Jesus do it, and how can I invite Him to reshape me to look more like Him? And it’s about steadfast joy in the midst of it all. The kind that screams redemption, and grace like an ocean, and my own life that was found in His death. The kind that breathes truth, exudes love, keeps it’s gaze absolutely fixed on the One who always sees and loves the same. 

It’s through the people we get to serve that God will transform entire nations

God’s heart is for us as healthcare workers to go near, to love, to serve, to pray, to teach, and to heal. It’s through our faithfulness in those things that He reaches deeper and draws people to Himself and restores them to wholeness. Then He sends them out to go near, to love, to serve, to pray, to teach, to heal. It’s through the people we get to serve that God will transform entire nations, and I’m so grateful to God that He has called me to be a part of that through this school.