Church & Missions

Gaining a Fresh Reading and Application of the Bible

Revitalized Bible Reading

The four months during the Bible School for the Nations lecture phase completely revitalized the way I read the Bible.  Now, I really read the Bible, I look at who is writing, who is receiving and what was trying to be communicated.  Having a greater knowledge of the big picture makes understanding the scriptures and drawing out principles, which apply to my life and the lives of those around, me so much easier.

I was impacted by the practical relevance the bible has to every day life

Early on, I was impacted by the practical relevance the bible has to every day life.  Through studying the book of Deuteronomy, I was amazed to begin to see applicable principles emerge for every area of life, from family to economics; government to arts & entertainment!  I couldn’t believe it, there on the pages of the Old Testament, the laws given to Moses all those years ago, were God’s instructions for life.  Looking further into how the Israelite community was developed, I could clearly see the places where they did it right and the subsequent success versus the places they went wrong and the consequences of disaster  that followed.

Impacting My Life & Community

It became clear to me that these principles are the way to make a real difference in a community.  Accepting Jesus changes a heart and brings new life to a person, but putting godly values and instructions into practice in all areas of society changes a community and possibly a nation.

Through this time of studying God’s Word, I grew nearer to God each and every day.  I now see how He wants me to live, to act, and to worship in every situation, firm in the knowledge and understanding of the reasons and the love behind the direction He provides.  Even now, I have been able to immediately applying many of these things to my life.