Christian Life & Discipleship

From Foreigners to Family

Moving away from home it is difficult for everyone in different ways; no matter if they are moving to a new country across the globe, or simply to another city near by. Leaving the known things of life, family, friends, church, work, and comfort zones is frightening and exhilarating all at once. The fear of the unknown is a very real thing and the question, “was leaving the right decision?” may arise. Backing up seems like an option but God’s voice says keep going forward.

Walking off the plane into the unknown, a search for the next life step begins, as you explore the new environment that surrounds you. With a chance for a fresh start, hopes fly high. Hope that the people you meet will be accepting, that the school you chose is a good fit, and that it will be worth everything you’ve left behind. More than hope, there is expectation. Even if you don’t know exactly what they will look like, friendships will be formed, memories will be made, and God will show Himself like never before­.

It’s week one of the 2015 July quarter and students for the 4WD DTS are beginning to arrive, one here, two there, until everyone finds themselves face to face with these people they have nervously anticipated meeting. As they come together in this place of unity, that first awkward “hello” and conversation that follow aren’t really so hard.

“The people on our school immediately clicked. As different as we all were, we somehow came together and it worked. From Germany, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A., we were all suddenly thrown into each other’s lives in the closest way possible. Eating together, working together, learning together, and rooming together, we suddenly found ourselves an inseparable part of each other’s lives. There has been plenty of room for miscommunication or disagreement, but God is so good, He has overcome all of that. Only He could bring people together from across the world, as total strangers, with different cultures, and make it all work. Our school has more than just a tolerance for each other, or an ability to cooperate; we have a love for each other and understanding that is so much deeper than ourselves. God has pulled us together as a family, and we love and enjoy just being together. We really care for one another and look out for each other. We have ridiculous silly moments, go on adventures, and share laughs. We walk side by side, sharing personal struggles, taking care of each other in every way possible, and supporting each other in prayer. We pool all our skills together and with God as the engineer, we move together like a well oiled machine, accomplishing the tasks God steers us towards.” – Abby Frederiksen