Freedom from Addiction

A testimony written by a previous IPHC student Katy:

“At our first clinic in Biratnagar I was doing a check up on a man who had been an alcoholic for more than 20 years. I shared the gospel with him and asked if he wanted to respond to what Jesus had done for him. He was disinterested and said he couldn’t because he worshiped other gods. I felt to ask him what his other gods had done for him. He said that they were good to him and he was happy. As he was saying this, the Lord gave me a word about his life: that he had a deep sadness and pain that he had been trying to cover for many years with alcohol. As I shared this, with him I suddenly had his full attention and tears came to his eyes. I then shared how Jesus sees his pain, cares for him, wants to heal his hurts, give new life and free him from addiction. Again I asked him if he wanted to turn to Jesus today and he gave a very enthusiastic, “Yes!” After we prayed he had a huge smile on his face and said he felt light, like he was healing on the inside, and that he was already a new man.”