Finding Hope in Tragedy

Impact World Tour: an evangelistic campaign where Island Breeze, Team Extreme and GX international tour together through a region to Impact it for the glory of God in creative ways.

During our IWT outreach in South Korea this past year, we came at a hard time for the country. A lot of celebrations and concerts were canceled due to the whole country being in mourning from a sunken ferry boat full of people. It was a tragic loss, with most of the passengers being students on a field trip. So with that being said, our tour was almost completely canceled. But we still believed we should come anyway, because the message we were bringing is one of hope in difficult times.

After much communication back and forth we were able to come. But instead of performing in big arenas and stadiums we performed in schools and churches. When we did our first school assemblies, we found the students to be really receptive to the uplifting songs and dances. They even got involved and jumped on stage with us to learn a dance or two. When talking with the teachers and principals after a performance, they were overjoyed at the students reactions and just being able to come out of a place of mourning. They were so grateful that we came anyway. We would often touch on the ferry loss in the message and offer our condolences to not make light of the tragedy but that our hearts were with them in it.

At one of our IWT weekly meetings, a mother and IWT coordinator, got on stage and began to tell a story that brought emotion out of everyone in the room. From a mother’s heart, she began to pour out about her concern of her teenage son who gave up on life and was in a heavy depression. So much so, that he would often speak of ending his life. She would call him every night to make sure nothing happened to him but still not knowing how to lift him out of it.

God is faithful to touch hearts and bring life where death is trying to creep in.

When we came to her church, she invited him to come to the show and he came! She said something changed in him that night. He went up to the front for prayer at the end. She said, seeing the young musicians on the stage and happily playing with passion, it brought something alive inside of him and hope began to rise. He left that night different, she said. He no longer professes depression and as a matter of fact he has chosen to pursue university, a musician university. And he was accepted!

With tears, this mother expressed her gratitude to us on the stage, for coming to her country. You could feel her heart for her son and it was like everyone grew quiet while she was sharing. God is faithful to touch hearts and bring life where death is trying to creep in. With so much death from the ferry tragedy and so many suicides happening as a result of the huge loss, it seemed death was everywhere. God is faithful to meet us in our time of need.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit. 

-Psalm 34:18