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“Face in the Crowd” Gives Her Life to Jesus

One day [in Mexico City] I saw a lady and her daughter at one of our gospel presentations and invited them to come watch. It turned out her daughter had urged her to come over, and as we started our presentation she was really engaging with the performance. God was speaking to me that she was ready to give her life to the Lord, so when the first altar call brought no response I prayed that she would respond, and she raised her hand on the second call!

“She was desperate for God’s love”

Her teenage son had just come out of prison and she was desperate for God’s love. The Spirit kept speaking words of encouragement to me to share, which were exactly what she needed to hear, it was such a divine meeting. I led her to the Lord and my teammate led her daughter to the Lord. The change I saw in her was so exciting! She walked away having been touched by the Holy Spirit and having experienced the awesome love of God. She now has hope, comfort and purpose. I have such peace in my heart about God’s hand over her life.

-Jess did her DTS in 2010, and went to Mexico City for outreach