Justice Issues

Education Brings Multiplication

Our team ran an English class with a group of bright, young university students in a city in Asia. One week, we decided that the class was going to look a little bit different. We told our students not to meet in the classroom. Instead, they got into small groups and rotated to different stations around the city that we set up for them. One station would incorporate human trafficking awareness into the English lesson.


Education equips

As we taught them the signs, causes, and impacts of trafficking, there was a shift in the demeanor of one of the students. She later told us about an offer her family had gotten that week. Someone was offering to give her parents money in exchange for a surgery they wanted to do on them. Her parents felt that the surgery was harmless and the family would benefit from the money. They were considering it.

She described the vague details of the situation, and it looked a lot like a possible case of organ trafficking that her family was vulnerable to. Without knowing for sure the safety of the situation, we were able to equip her with questions to ask and details to look for. We educated her on an issue that she had not known about before. The girl was pointed in a safe direction in case the situation did get exposed as something dark. We passed on education and awareness that she took back to her family to ensure their safety and wellbeing.


Small steps, big faith

Issues like human trafficking can seem like massive issues that exist far away from our own front doors. But then we see them knocking on the doors’ of our neighbours, and it reminds me just how near these issues can be. It stirs and motivates me to not lose heart but to continue to educate and bring awareness, even in my everyday life. Education multiplies and spreading awareness impacts lives.

Sometimes the problems that our world faces today, such as human trafficking, can seem too big and complicated for me to make an impact in, but then God opens my eyes to simple tools like education. He reminds me that He can place a willing heart in the right place at the right time to bring safety to people. There are simple strategies that we can use, and these strategies change lives, as God leads them forward. It’s amazing just how big a small step of faith can be.



Our anti-human trafficking ministry, Priceless, has published an online page with resources and information on human trafficking prevention. To view this, click here