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Coincidence or God-Incident?

imageStory written by Godwin, a former student

We went out to a place called Fremantle. It is very touristy and has been influenced heavily by the new age movement. I approached a guy and asked if there was anything he would like prayer for. He stopped and looked at us and asked if about two or three years ago we had been in North Bridge, the pub/red light district in Perth, and had stopped to talk and pray for him then. I told him it wasn’t me but could have been another YWAMer or Christian like us. He then starts opening up, telling us that at that time he had been homeless, an alcoholic and a heavy drug user.

Ever since that encounter he has been clean

Ever since that encounter he has been clean. Not a single drink or any drug usage. He was surprised and encouraged that two more Christians had come up to him and offered him prayer. We went on talking for a good while, I was sharing testimonies and he was sharing stories about his life and still things that he is dealing with. I was able to pray for him right there, and he really felt the Holy Spirit inside of him. It was amazing!