Bring Reconciliation In Obedience To His Voice

Story by Breanne Carter, MAPS DTS 2013

At the beginning of our time in Coolgardie, we all asked God to give us a word for this last part of our DTS outreach. God reminded me about being a warrior and bringing peace to people, so that word was strong in my heart.

In Coolgardie we had the opportunity, as a team, to run a church service. God told me to share my family testimony about how there was lots of past hurt and unforgiveness but God bought restoration and unity back.
I shared the testimony at the church, and after the service an Aboriginal lady called me over and asked to have a chat. She told me it was only her second time at this particular church and while I was sharing my testimony, she was sat in the back row crying. As she heard my family story and the restoration of my parents she became interested in how forgiveness and healing happens. I was able to share with her more about facing our own hurt and having true forgiveness for each other. As I was sharing this, an abrupt argument escalated very quickly between the lady I was having a conversation with and another lady. I was stuck in the middle of this aggressive verbal argument where the root of this friction was unforgiveness and bitterness, exactly what we had been talking about. The argument continued, it began to heat up and at the same time, my team and I needed to go. So without a proper goodbye, and with hurtful words being hurled at the church, at me, and at the members of the church, I left. Back at our accommodation, my team and I prayed into the situation we just experienced. We prayed that God would heal her heart and that she could leave her garbage at the cross so that peace would come to her family and to the church.

Her heart was transforming into a soft healing heart.

The next day while we were doing ministry in another part of the town, the aboriginal lady who I had chatted to at church the day before, was going up and down her street and to the church, asking for forgiveness and saying sorry for the way she conducted her self at church. In recognising the root of the problem in the situation, this lady had also called a family discussion to talk about this friction and lack of true love between each other and her husband. She came to the place we were staying to find me and apologise, unfortunately, I wasn’t there at the time, but some people in my team had the opportunity to chat with her about what was happening in her heart and what she was doing. She gave her address to my leaders and when I came back I was able to go to her house. She humbly looked me in the eyes and said sorry to me and asked for forgiveness. I answered her genuine apology and said “I forgive you”. Her heart was transforming into a soft healing heart. God is amazing how He used my family testimony to bring reconciliation in obedience to His voice.