A Breath of Fresh Air

By Erin Pifer – Compassion DTS 2014


Prayer. I love it!

During lecture phase we learned a lot about the power of prayer and one day during outreach, while we were out prayer walking in India, we really got to put that into practice. We were walking in a new neighbourhood and a woman approached us and asked if we were Christians. Of course we responded with enthusiasm that we do in fact love Jesus but before we could engage in too much more conversation she had to leave to get off to work. Fortunately, her brother in law walked past as she was leaving and she informed him to please make sure we knew to come back for tea at another time.

We had a quick conversation with the man and before we left, we simply asked, “Is there anything we can pray for you about?” He mentioned he had some back pain. We trust that God is a healer and wanted to see that man free of his aches so we were happy to pray over that. Before we could ask him how we was feeling after we prayed, he was already flagging down others to receive prayer as well! People lined up sharing about aches and pains they wanted freedom from. Two random bystanders who spoke broken English became our translators and thus we were able to bring those requests to the Lord. Before we knew it, an hour and a half had passed and we prayed right through our lunch break!


I will never forget one particular woman I prayed for. She was Muslim and her request for prayer was only that I would pray for her from her head to her toes.

And so I prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill her. That she would experience joy, the type of joy that comes only from the knowledge of the Lord. I asked God to fill her with peace, and love. It was just a simple prayer at first, but suddenly I was struck with how sincerely I wanted her to experience the same love and peace that I had. It was such a fervent prayer. When I finish praying I asked her how she felt…if she had experienced anything. Her expression, which was once quite timid with a hint of sternness, was softened. Through translation, she expressed that previously she was feeling heavy, but now she felt light! Whoa!!


At the time I did not comprehend how significant that was but the more I reflected on her testimony I realized how powerful the difference between heavy and light truly was. This woman had devoted her life in worship to endless gods that literally brought death. I can’t imagine the depth of the heaviness she must have felt. But through one request, God brought her a breath of fresh air. A breath of LIFE that released the weight of her burden.

How good is our God?!